Roll out the barrels….

All right. This last week of Project 368 wouldn’t be complete without re-visiting a smattering of the things that make me a little crazy… you know… things that I find a bit “askew” on any given day….

The kind of things that Get My Goat….. or Grind My Gears. They Stick In My Craw. Push My Buttons. Rub Me The Wrong Way.

So…. now…. a few more items that wrinkle my Chi….


People who ask if something is in “walking distance.”   That’s relative, isn’t it? I mean… if you have enough time… anything is within walking distance.

Those whacky little folks…. who write on Facebook (or anywhere) in a language that vaguely resmebles the English language. In fact, I think they ARE trying to speak us…. I am just not sure of the grammatical choices they are using. Here is an actual post which appeared in one of my feeds…..
“Sitting Herr on the fone But nun to do sumone Please. Hmu if u don’t Got ma number juss..Inbox me for it.!”
If this is what kids are learning in school, we truly do need Education Reform.

Bad hair on people who can afford to do better.  Donald Trump is the obvious one. And….  Oh Cally. Cally.  I am neither Republican or Democratic. Each election, I vote for the candidate who I believe is best suited for the job. So this next comment has no political leanings whatsoever.

Somebody HAS to tackle Newt Gingrich’s wife. Normally, I am not one to notice things like hair or clothing. But someone simply must tackle her. 

When I was a kid, we used to have those plastic golden Roman helmets… and we would play-fight with fake swords. Well, honest to goodness…. I think Mrs. Gingrich was wearing one of those VERY SAME helmets at the last press junket.


People who fake laugh. Loudly.

Rappers who drop the F BOMB about every third word or so…… are demeaning toward women, and glamorize violence in their songs and videos. Then… they thank the “Great God Almighty Above” in their award acceptance speeches.
They will often thank their mothers too. Okay then.

Double Dippers. Since I was little… the “double dipping” thing has made me woozie.

So the thing of it is…. I don’t want your slobber in my chip dip. Please don’t put that chip in your mouth, and then put it back in the community French Onion Dip. This is similar…. very similar… to peeing in the pool.  I don’t want to swim in your pee..   and I don’t want to sample your saliva while snacking.

And the number one thing that bugs me…. people who right blogs… and talk about the things that bug them. They use a bunch of cliches to denote their annoyances. Phrases like….It Really Boils My Water.   Doh.

Okay… so to make up for it…. here is a little fun.

Go to and do these three things tonight. For hours and hours of family fun.

First, type “do a barrel roll” (no quotation marks)….. and hit the “Search Google” Button. You’ll see….

And since this all started with things that I think are askew…. type that into Google.
“Askew” and hit search.

Last but not least. Let’s chase these things down and gobble them up…. go to for some retro fun!
Brought to you by 368…. A Guaranteed Helping of FUN…. one byte at a time.

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