Mickey… he ain’t.

Everybody loves Mickey Mouse.  Most everyone I know at least.   I like the little fella’ too.  But people aren’t so crazy about rats.  Take Ralph Rat here.

I found him dead.  Dead as a doornail.  Stiff as a board.   Heart attack?  Car accident?  Old age.  I  thhhhhiiiinnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkk  nnnnnaaahhhhhtttttttttt…….

No.  This rat died of suspicious causes.   For one, Ralph was in great shape.  He cut cheese out of his diet years ago, and was running on the wheel everyday.  No heart attack.  And…. because he was so fit, Ralph walked everywhere he went.  That rules out car crash.  To continue…….Certainly NOT old age.  He was only .2 years old.  That’s 25 in human years.    So how, exactly,  did old Ralph kick the can?

I think it was poison.  Yes. Poison.  Near the body was a cupcake with blue sprinkles.  I think we all might suspect what those blue sprinkles were.  Rid-O-Rat is blue pellet-ish.  Yessssirrreeee.  This is sad indeed.  Ralph had a wife and 64 kids back at the hole.  He had a great job down at the maze.    Now the trouble lies with finding the perpetrator of this crime.  The “perp” as we say in the crime fighting business…..

….. and I smell a rat… or mean-spirited Baker with a grudge.

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