My Walk with “Howie Doohan”

I took a walk through a cemetery today.  A beautiful spot, just up the street.

Holy Smackerolies.  This sight disturbed me to no end.  Just what….what could it mean?

There are all sorts of these grave markers around.  For all sorts of dead people.  So what does this one signify?  Is Michael the Archangel okay?  Or NOT?  I’m worried, I have to tell you.  For crying out loud, I don’t know that much about the ancient writings and such, but I thought Archangels were good to go…. like…. pretty much, all the time?  Are we in big trouble?  How we doing?   I’m in a bit of a frenzy over this….. OK.  Calming down…..

Maybe, just maybe, this is some sort of coincidence.  Like the guy buried here is:
First Name:  The
Middle Name:  Archangel
Last Name: Michael

…. in which case the guy SHOULD HAVE CHANGED his name.   Actually, come to think of it,  there are a lot of people that might be better off with name changes.

I knew a guy in one of my classes at AAU named “Lo Dong Wang”….  seriously.

Growing up, there was a lady in our parish called “Barb Dwyer”.

My brother just told me there is a guy in NASCAR racing named “Dick Trickle”.

As you can see, this could go on and on.  Lots of whack-a-doodle names out there.  One of the worst I knew was “Helen Back”.  WHICH…. brings us right back to ol’ Mike up there.

Of course, I can’t go without mentioning…..  Polly Kronenberger….. yes…..  a bit of a quirky name.    If I ever decide to change it…. I think it will be “Wanda Rin”…… (because my mind is always going places).

(One more I happened to spot at the graveyard… pictured below:  “Therese R. Greene”)

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