Croc Trouble, Dang It.

A package was delivered to our house today, by mistake.  It was for our nice neighbors, Liz and Tom, who are just right down the street.  So, I snatched it up and scurried on over to their house.  When I rang, Liz answered the door.

I handed her the box and explained the mis-delivery…. a parcel from the Cialis Company.  I had no idea what it was… Sea Monkeys for all I knew…. but I wanted to get it right to them.  Liz thanked me as she took the box, and then began to blush.  I could feel the awkwardness setting in, as her face fell into deeper and deeper shades of crimson.

Then, she sheepishly leaned in, and whispered, “You see… my husband has Reptile Dysfunction.”  Well what the heck!  Isn’t THAT something, I thought.  I didn’t know they had ANY pets, let alone reptiles.  What could it be….I wondered… an iguana, or lizard, or some sort of snake?  And what was wrong with it?

So now I am feeling a bit out of sorts.  So I said.  “Oh my.  That’s just terrible.  Awful!  How sick is it?”  Well holy smokes….. Liz’s eyes got to be the size of ping pong balls.  (It was a simple question I thought… but now it appears that I’ve somehow offended her.)  Then she sort of bobbed her head back and forth and said, “It’s just that Tom’s Elections are lasting more than four hours.”

OK.  At this point, I am totally confused.  I knew Tom was a Judge, but I didn’t know he was up for any elections.  So I countered, “Liz.  That’s nothing.  Sometimes these things get locked up for weeks on end where I’m from.”  She turned on her heels and slammed the door.  I didn’t really even get a thank you……..

So what do you all think…….  I’m wondering if it could be one of those little Pipe Snakes, or maybe some kind of a Worm Lizard…..   Are alligators reptiles?  Maybe that’s it….

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