Letter to the Editor.

Every week, I get a fair amount of questions about 368 via email.  So THIS week, I figured I would post a few of them here, and answer in this venue, just in case others might be wondering some of the same things.  (For instance…..a couple of these topics appeared from more than one reader.  Hence, my choices of letters.)  So, without further ado, here goes the “First Edition” of…… “Letters to the Editor”

Dear Polly,

You are always taking photos of little fake characters.  This annoys me.  Why don’t you shoot any real people?

I’ll wait for an answer,
Annoyed in Phoenix

Dear Annoyed,

I’ve found that real people can be a pain in the butt, not only when you photograph them, but also when they write letters.  The little fake ones are much quieter and nicer in general.  And… they wear better hats.

Your waiting is over,

Dear Polly,

Why did you say you were calling it quits and then the next day you start right back up again?  Either quit or give us some kind of an explanation or better yet an apology.

Thanks in advance.
Righteous Ray

Dear Righty-Ray,

I’ve been wearing my Sock Monkey hat too tight.  It slows the oxygen flow in between my ears.  My ears need to breathe for my brain to operate at maximum capacity.  The ear-breathing always reaches its slowest rate right around April 1st every year.  Seems a lot of people suffer from the same affliction… but without the hats.

You are welcome in retrospect,

Dear Polly,

I don’t understand what Alien Sippers are.  What kind of a booth was this really?

Curious in Atlanta

Dear Curio,

Believe it or not, I had quite a few letters come in with this very same question.  They were fruit drinks in plastic alien-head-shaped-cups, with straws coming out the backs of their heads.  I think they were almost like slushies.  Obviously, these are a huge attraction at the Flower Festival, as the line really was extremely long.  Mostly “Hulk Hogan” types were waiting to get the Alien Sippers.   Fruity-Tootie was the most popular flavor, followed by Berry Berry Banana.  The Aliens did not wear hats.


Well, that’s it for my “Follow-Ups” this week.  I think this may be good from time to time.   I care what you think……… and I think when my ears are breathing good.

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