Today is a birthday coincidence phenomenon if I’ve ever, ever seen one.   This, my friends, is Thomas Alva Edison’s birthday (1847), the brilliant inventor of such things as the phonograph, the telegraph, the electric lightbulb, and on and on.  The dude has more than 1900 patents overall.  Unfortunately, Edison had some failures too…. like the Edison Portland Cement Company, in which he wanted to make everything, from cabinets to pianos to houses, out of cement.   The idea crumbled.  One of his earliest inventions was the Ginger Press.  Unfortunately, not everyone had the same appreciation for ginger as Tommy did… a huge flop and a bit of an embarrassment for the entire Edison family, needless to say.

OK……first coincidence….. today is Tina Louise’s birthday too (1934).  She played Ginger on Gilligan’s Island.  (Remember Edison had the failed GINGER Press?)  On that very island…… was Ginger’s best friend…. who’s name was Mary Ann.   (Another kicker, Edison’s his first wife’s name was Mary Ann….. and HE was a Professor!!!)  Next thing I might dig up is that he once went on a 3 hour boat ride… with Jimmy Hoffa or something.

And…. today is also R&B singer “Brandy’s” birthday (1979).  Of course, one of her biggest hits was “I Can Feel The Electricity” (obvious Edison connection) AND “Alone On This Island” (Tina Louise connection).  Da-da-da-duuuuuuuuhhhhnnnnnnn….. and both Thomas and Tina DRANK Brandy from time to time!  Holy Crap-er-roonies!  What kind of sensational coincidence is this???

And now…. the biggie.  This is also Sarah Palin’s birthday.  First connection… she is definitely a shipwreck waiting to happen.  Second…. the lights are on, but nobody’s home.  Third…. I’m pretty sure she’s hopped up on Brandy most of the time.

Final coincidence. People think I live on Edison Road, which I do not.   I loved Gilligan’s Island.   I had a cat named Brandy.   I think Sarah Palin has cement for brains.

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