Yet, another creature…

This, my friends, has been the trip for Little Creatures.  I won’t EVEN go in to the sordid details of the Spider Confrontation 2010.  Most certainly, PETA would have my membership card tomorrow….

All that aside, I was minding my very own business on my morning beach walk, when out jumps Mr. Crabicans.  Not your average crab, I’ll tell you.  Crab got game.  Crab can jump.  Crab runs pretty dang fast in sand.  Polly jumps and runs like old white woman….. anywhere.  Polly finds herself at an epic disadvantage.  Crab gives chase.  Polly falls, cuts toe.  Crab laughs.  Crab makes “I’m Number One” claw signal repeatedly, and then moves on.

I think was the third American tourist he took out, that morning alone.  (At least I noticed two other blood trails in the sand….)

Nimble, the Crab

The drop off, the pick up….

Yesterday was a FULL day.  Well, heck.  Come to think of it, today was A FULL DAY.  (See a future entry on that.)

So, yesterday:  we dropped off Janet & Becky at the airport; and then we picked up Billie, Haylee, and Levi.

Tons of fun to have the kids here with us!  (They keep us moving a little more than our last guests!  lol)

Levi and the sand trap.

Papparazzi Hits Islands…..

Rock band and  singing sensation “Silver Sister” was rumored to be on the Grand Cayman Island today.  The media was crawling all over the place.

I, yes I, was lucky enough to get a shot of them.  The Enquirer has offered me big dollars for this shot….  big dollars I’ll tell you!

Rockers Kisling, Crelin, Deters, Bullen, and Needham.

I’m really here.

I’ve had a few emails from people asking if I’m really here.  That is, I haven’t been in any of the photos, as of yet.

So here it is…. the proof.  It is not only in the pudding, it is on the net!

What the heck are you shooting there PK? (J. Crelin Photo)

Dinner at Mimi’s

Last night we had dinner at Mimi’s, which is right on the water.  It is a little restaurant right on the dock of the Morritt’s Resort where we are staying.

Underneath the dock, there are hundreds of Tarpon.  They are long, long, long, big fish, which can grow up to 8 feet in length.  The employees feed them like crazy, which may be a big reason for the popularity of the location!

Tarpon Big Tarpon
The Tarpon Feeder
Us being fed as the Tarpon get fed!

Sea Bobbles

One of my favorite parts of being down here is walking on the beach and looking for the sea bobbles.

Sea bobbles are anything, really, that may have spent any time bobbling in the sea.

Here’s one….

Goes bob, bob, bobbing along, along....

Limbo at the Reef

Last night, we saw Andrew Bacon at the  Reef Resort.  Fun night.

Okay, I’m just saying, we still got it.  Jan D. won her age group in the Limbo Contest; and yeah, I won my age group in the Limbo Contest too.

We were  like a couple of wild and crazy Gumbies, or something!