Snow Dood

This was shot yesterday, but processed today.  I found one little snow dood….. one pathetic little snow dood.

Not even a dude, really.  But with only a couple of inches of snow every 10 years, this is really like building the impossible.


That’s snow, not sand….

Palmettos and Snow. So wrong.

Yes, it snowed last night in Charleston, SC.  Summerville got 7″.  Downtown ChasTown just a couple of inches.

It’s all gone now, but this is what the Battery looked like this morning….

Roof on Tradd

At some point, I am going to have to move away from this subject matter; of walking around with camera in hand and shooting the downtown area.  But at this point, I haven’t grown tired of this exercise in exploration.

This is a roof on Tradd Street.

Bench at the Battery


I love to spend time down at the Battery.  There is so much history there, and when you are alone, you can almost just feel the sense of times past.  Everything from the first settlers to come to this place, then the pirates, the patriots;  100 years later the Civil War.

Whenever I see an empty bench, I wonder who may have been there before.  Fifteen minutes before, or 15 decades before.

You’ve Got Mail.

Things are pretty old around here.  The buildings, the streets, the fixtures.  A lot of times, you will see something covered with “growth” from nature.  It has just been there so long that the ivy, or flora, decides it is time to move in.  Such is the case with this mailbox.

Yesterday, I saw a guy at the Battery Park, covered from head to toe in moss.  I’m guessing he’d been there at least a few weeks.  😉

Up on the roof.

Houses on the southern end of Church Street

“The loftier the building, the deeper must the foundation be laid.” -Thomas Kempis

So true it is with everything, really.  I think about anything in my life that I’ve done well.  The preparation that went in to that “thing”, in most cases, was pretty substantial.  So, with my photography, I continue to work and explore.  Laying that foundation, I hope.

And Holy Crap.  Sometimes it is fun and exciting; sometimes it is frustrating, and sometimes it is even a cause for anxiety.   It runs the whole gamut.