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as Tony the Tiger would say....
as Tony the Tiger would say....

grate 1 |grāt|
1 [ trans. ] reduce (something, esp. food) to small shreds by rubbing it on a grater : peel and roughly grate the carrots | [as adj. ] ( grated) grated cheese.
2 [ intrans. ] make an unpleasant rasping sound : the hinges of the door grated.
• ( grate against) rub against something with such a sound : his helmet grated against the top of the door.
• have an irritating effect : he had a juvenile streak that grated on her nerves.

State Street

Busy day in history. Here are a few.

Ups and Downs in History.

1607 An expedition of English colonists went ashore at Cape Henry, Va., to establish the first permanent English settlement in the Western Hemisphere. (They later settled at Jamestown.)

1785 Naturalist and artist John James Audubon was born in Haiti.

1865 John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of President Abraham Lincoln, was surrounded and killed by federal troops near Bowling Green, Va.

1989 Actress-comedian Lucille Ball died at age 77.

Sumter, the Fort

Fort Sumter is a masonry coastal fortification located in Charleston harbor, South Carolina. The fort is best known as the site upon which the shots initiating the American Civil War were fired, at the Battle of Fort Sumter.

The fort was built of bricks, mostly bricks which were made by slaves on plantations around the Charleston area. Hmmm.

Here are some of the bricks on the inside wall of the fort.


An old basket from Sierra Leone. This is the “footprint” for the now, famous, Sweetwater Grass Baskets here in Charleston. Gullah Tradition.


The Hook.

“Duty makes us do things well, but love makes us do them beautifully.” -Phillip Brooks

This is holding a shutter open. It helps let the light in.

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