Today we visited the Boone Hall Plantation in Mount Pleasant.  The Horlbecks were owners of the plantation and held many slaves during the early 19th century.  They were mostly making bricks as their main source of income.  The 1850 census shows that those slaves were producing around 4 million bricks per year during that time.  Many of the buildings in downtown Charleston are constructed from those bricks.

A ton of bricks.

Blue Angels

Today, the Blue Angels were in town for an Air Show.  We went down to the Battery, and watched on the Cooper River side.   Those guys fly fast.  And close.  I want to drive one of those.  Do they call it driving?  That’s probably not right.  Steer?


I am going to start posting my images at the full “web” size, instead of the squatty littler versions.  Let me know if this causes problems for any of my favorite readers.  All three of you…

We are going with the 24-carrot size from here on out......
We are going with the 24-carrot size from here on out....

Humpty Dumpty

This is Win.  This is Win on the wall.  She’s a cat for crying out loud.  Cats do well on walls.  Dogs, on the other hand, do not.

This is the wall.

This is the wall that little Miss Maxine jumped on to sniff the place where a squirrel’s butt had been.  While sniffing piquant remnants of squirrel butt, Maxine got carried away in the daydream of slaying the furry beast, and fell off the wall.  The 7-foot-droppish of a wall.  I witnessed all of this in slow motion.

Rough week for the little girl.  Two vet visits since Monday, but I think we are back to our old bossy selves.  Maxine’s nickname is now HD.  Not for High Definition, or even High Dog.  But Humpty Dumpty.  I am thankful not to be the King’s Men, and thankful that my little girl is getting back together again.

Easy for Win to sit there like a cat.
The catalyst.
Max HD Swift