Iguana Incident

It was hot.  The midday sun was beginning to wear on our senses as we walked through the QEII Botanical Gardens on that day.  Yes, we were venturing on a lonely path, when a Big Blue Iguana started to cross the trail in front of us.  We then took notice of a second Iguana further up the line,  by about another 30 yards or so.  I smelled trouble. Big trouble.  I’ve met Iguanas before.  I know how they work, and I could sense an ambush in the making.  After succumbing to peer pressure, I forged the road ahead, and passed Iguana One (we will call him Guido!).  The others in the group followed, like lemmings, I’ll tell you…… lemmings.

As we approached the second Iguana (we’ll call her Imelda…), the feeling of imminent danger rushed through my body like a charge of electricity.  Imelda had blocked the path before us, and Guido was quickly closing in from behind.  As the group locked up in fear stricken panic, Janet yelled out, “Oh for the love of god, RUN!”

Which we did.  Right past Imelda.  You’ve never seen four rusty women run like that before.  But not so worn down that we couldn’t escape the likes of Guido and Imelda.


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