Street lights, lamps, and posts…little known truth.

The earliest street lamps were used by Greek and Roman civilizations, where light primarily served the purpose of security, both to protect the wanderer from tripping over something on the path as well as keeping the potential robbers at bay.

Today, they are used much for the same reasons.

What you probably didn’t know about street lights is that every seventh post contains a Lamp Pixie, or a Bulb Troll.    It is pretty easy to identify the difference.    Normal street lights, look like…… wwwwelllllllll……. normal street lights.

The ones with Lamp Pixies often give off pretty colors, and feelings of well being.  But the Bulb Trolls.  Oh the BTs.  They are craggy, smelly, creepy, and dingy.  Take my advice:  Walk past them quickly.  Keep your head down and don’t draw in any deep breathes.  Seriously.  I couldn’t be more solemn about this.

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