Yet, another creature…

This, my friends, has been the trip for Little Creatures.  I won’t EVEN go in to the sordid details of the Spider Confrontation 2010.  Most certainly, PETA would have my membership card tomorrow….

All that aside, I was minding my very own business on my morning beach walk, when out jumps Mr. Crabicans.  Not your average crab, I’ll tell you.  Crab got game.  Crab can jump.  Crab runs pretty dang fast in sand.  Polly jumps and runs like old white woman….. anywhere.  Polly finds herself at an epic disadvantage.  Crab gives chase.  Polly falls, cuts toe.  Crab laughs.  Crab makes “I’m Number One” claw signal repeatedly, and then moves on.

I think was the third American tourist he took out, that morning alone.  (At least I noticed two other blood trails in the sand….)

Nimble, the Crab

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