Recap / Instant Replay…

It came to my attention at dinner with friends on Thursday evening, that the whole sha-bang wasn’t quite clicking here.  So this recap, is intended for my dears-of-dears, who would most certainly lose on “Name that Tune”…..

The 12 Days of Christmas… sorta…. I just could find all those birds in trees and such…. so I had to conjure my own verses  )Mmmmmm Hmmmm… please imagine to the the “tune” of the real 12 Days of Christmas:

“Ten Boards Are Creaking….”   (Tenth Day)

“Nine Labels Ginseng”   (Ninth Day)

“Eight Manes-a-Mailing”   (Eighth Day)

“Seven Pawns, They’re Winning….”  (Seventh Day)

“Six Guys-a-Playing”    (Sixth Day)

“Five Doorbell Dings”    (Fifth Day)

“Four Hungry Herds”    (Fourth Day)

“Three Dense Breads”     (Third Day)

“Two Bowls of Suds…..”    (Second Day)

and a  “A Frog With A Very Trick Knee.”     (First Day)

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