An old friend of mine recently passed away.  I went to his funeral tonight.  It was a Mass of Catholic Burial.

He was a pretty wonderful guy.  Gentle and kind.  Caring.  He was the husband to one of my sisters and the father of my nephew.  He taught me, a long time ago, that it was a fun thing to read the dictionary.  It stuck.  He also showed me that there were other kinds of photographs besides the ones in our family albums.  I can remember thinking how both of those things were so very cool.  His name was Jim.  He will be missed by many, many people.  My heart is with is family.

The Mass was held at St. Cecilia’s in Cincinnati.  I had to be baptized by that name, as there wasn’t a St. Polly when I was born.  Come to think of it, I don’t think there is to date.

This was her statue at the church tonight.

Jim… I’m still reading the dictionary on a regular basis…..and taking photos……

: sculpture, figure, effigy, statuette, figurine, idol; carving, bronze, graven image, model; bust, head.

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