Ever since I mentioned the “Three Dense Breads”…. the whole wheat community has been on my mind.  First of all, and I can NOT stress this enough… wheat is good for you.  The whole “Gluten-Free” trend is…. well, just that….  and in a couple short years the medical community will conduct a new and better study saying that it was all bunk.  (Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor.  If you are currently on a Gluten-Free Diet, please remain so.  But know that I feel terrible for you.  If the current theories turn out to be true… then clearly, I am wrong….but I love white pasty foods.)

Okay, back to the Wheat Faction.  Some things are easier to figure out than others….  We know that dense breads are completely “thick”;  English Muffins are from England (I mean,who else says “nooks and crannies”?);  French Toast…. from France of course.   Jewish Rye Bread is…. well….. Jewish.     Then it all starts to get a little gray.  Let’s take for instance the “Everything Bagel.”  Is it really all THAT, or just conceited?   And how about “Wonder Bread”?  A Super-Hero, or merely in “awe” of every little thing?  The Club Cracker.  Does that mean it is very rich and sails on yachts?  Or is it in a gang… like with tattoos and such?  So many to consider.  The Sweet Roll.  Corn Bread.  Date Nut Bread.   Don’t even get me started on Hot Cross Buns…..

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