What day were you born?

Today is the ninth day of January. I take special note of several days throughout the year… most notably the days on which my loved ones (family & friends)…..were born. So today is of that specific consideration. Happy Birthday Loved One.

You see, I am the youngest of a clan of 7. Two of my siblings were born on this date. No, they are not twins….. they were birthed 6 years apart. A boy and a girl. Fred and Elane. Fred was born on a Wednesday, Elane on a Thursday.

Here’s the 7 breakdown, because I know you won’t be able to sleep tonight without it…..(the names throughout this post have been changed to protect the unwitting).

Kid 1-Thursday
Kid 2-Friday
Kid 3-Wednesday
Kid 4-Wednesday
Kid 5-Thursday
Kid 6-Sunday
Kid 7-Wednesday

I may have a theory about “Days of the Week” and birth information. I definitely have a theory about which ovary each egg came from. (One consistent sperm source throughout.) Sooooooo…. Fredster & Elaney…. I made you a photo for your birthday on this very night. They are Magnolia Pods. (The Magnolia is named for Pierre Magnol a French Botanist…who was born on June 8, 1638, which was a Friday.)

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