True Friends will tell you….

Pictured Below:  “When Dogs Give a Breathe Test.”

If they were true friends, they’d let her know that her breathe smells like cat butt.  Which it does………  And for good reason.

I think the dog on the right  is letting Frances know just how crappy it is.  His name is Axel.  Pretty good dog, but he can’t control his gag reflex….. as you can clearly see.    The other one is named Brian O’ Malley.  He thinks he’s an Irish Setter, just because of his name.  Truth of the matter, his mother is a Golden Retriever, and he never knew is dad.  In fact, his mother isn’t even sure….. however, Brian continues to run around the dog park, all smug, making up stories about good old Ireland, the homeland.    He told Frances her breathe smelled like cabbage.  (That is also a possibility.)  Frances and Axel keep telling Brian he’s not an Irish Setter….  yet he continues to purport his Gaelic Ancestry.

But true friends will tell you these things… like……  well…… like……

“Lisa.  That U.S Quarter you gave me and said it was a Grand Cayman Islands Edition Quarter?……  That wouldn’t be quite right on a U.S. Coin, would it?…..  I think it is from the GRAND CANYON…….”  Maybe….just maybe….

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