One good busy day.

Today was filled to the rim, in a good way.  Early breakfast at TOAST.  Best grits and biscuits in all the land…. ALL the land!  They are the kind that makes you rub your belly in public…. even if people DO look on.

Stopped by the Gibbes Museum on the walk home.  Great stop!  They had an exhibit of modern artists (sort of…. I wouldn’t have classified it as such… but the real Exhibit Title was “Art of Our Time.”)  It rocked.  There was a Eugene Atget on display, and a W. Eugene Smith.  (Two Eugies for the price of one.  I wept.)  After…..the dogs and I visited General Washington’s statue in Washington Park of all places!   We all barked at the first president, and it was fun.  People watched.  No one joined in.

I worked some, and shot some.  Then tonight, had a great dinner of salmon, greens, and grits at Magnolia’s.  I made yummy noises in public.  Again, people watched.  From there we went to the symphony.  The German State Philharmonic Orchestra performed.  They came a long way to toot their horns.  They were wonderful.  On the stage, in the walls surrounding the orchestra, are little peep hole doors…. like the kind the mustache guy had at the Emerald City Door in the Wizard of Oz.  Every so often, right during the middle of the performance, one of those would swing open.  I couldn’t see who was looking out, but it was cracking me up.   I’m pretty sure it was Frau Blücher, because I heard a horse whinny a couple of times.  I think she was chaperoning.

This just scratches the surface of these past 24 hours. To the rim with brim, I’ll tell you.   A big and busy day, eating, and barking, and rubbing my own belly in public.  A very big day.

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