Rhymes with…. picket?

This is a spigot.  There are a ton of these around town.  Right on the sidewalks…. up next to brick houses.  They are such a temptation for me.  I get these urges to quietly turn them on and then slink away, inconspicuously……..  or, or, …… how about all the doorbells.  Yeah, the doorbells down here are also located right on the sidewalk areas.  Many of them have little signs tacked above them that say “Press”…….. it is like they are begging for it.  It seems I have these overwhelming urges to ring them and run like crazy…. much different than the stealthy slip-away-tactics at the water faucets.

When I was in high school, I would frequently lose a contact lens in a public place.  I’d crawl around, searching and crying.  “My mom’s gonna’ be SO mad if I lost my lens!” People would help.  Good people.  The problem was, I didn’t wear contacts.

As you can see, there is something terribly wrong with me.  At least now I don’t act on all these  Tom-Fooleries.  I just think about them………this running & slinking and ducking & dodging ……………it is a great cardio workout in my head.


You’ve got something green in between your teeth…..

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