Screaming Mimi!

Good look…


This, my friends, is one of the Corgi Brothers.  They live right down the street from us.  Whenever we walk by their house, the Corgi Brothers bark like mad dogs.  Then in turn, Max & Frances start barking like all get out.  And every time….. every single dang time…. I say…..  “Oh for Pete’s sake…. you, you…. you dogs.  Quit your barking!”  But here is the deal:  WHY is it for Pete’s sake?  Why not, “Oh, for Conrad’s sake!”  So many phrases like that.  Why is it the Jack of all Trades?  I think it should be the Melvin of all Trades.

In the winter time, I wear Long John’s.  Again, right now, I think I would be more comfortable in Long Sigmunds, or even Long Gilberts.  This afternoon I drank a cup of Joe, while some of my friends had Bloody Marys, Tom Collins, and Harvey Wallbangers.  There was a Lazy Susan on the table where we sat.  Why, I ask you… WHY?

Now there is good reason for the old phrase Polly Wolly Doodle All The Day.  Whoever coined that expression knew that most Polly’s get deplorably Wolly from time to time, and then we start to doodle all the dang day.  All the dang day.   Again, enough of this Tom Foolery, which could just as well be Wallace Foolery.

But a piece of advice before I sign off tonight.  Never, and I mean never evvvvvver……. never wear your Mary Jane’s with Bobby Socks.  Seriously.

Fair Thee Well.

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